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Preserve Ideas from Websites

This page states what we will do with your notes and your files.

Privacy and Security
Agenda Mahala is a private company founded by Stélio Inácio. You use to keep your notes and ideas, imagine if that got in the wrong hands. We are a private company, your account can only be acessed by you using your credentials: email and password. here at agendamahala no one knows your password, when you type it on the password field it is automatically encrypted, a password like awesome86 becomes some thing like: kjvblidsjbv9384y984nrk3j.

We do not give your information to anyone, we do not collect your information for anything. You will not have the possibility to share things from your account, they are private. There are no facebook, instagram or twitter social buttons on your account.

Our team is very responsable, our CEO is an entrepeneur and a writer, he is a very serious person and takes your privacy, and his own, very seriously.

No one here will ever see your information, you are pretty much paying for a vault, the software is the only one keeping track of your notes, counting your notes and displaying them back to you.

We will always update our security measures, implement new security technologies, and consult with security experts.

Whatever you post on your account is your property, it doesn't belong to us. This is a private website.

Security Measures
How People could get access to your information:
  1. People can only get acess to your account if they have your email and password.
  2. If they use your computer when you didn't logout of your account.
  3. If they steal your computer and you don't change your password imediately.

On our side, a very important part of our work consists in keeping our servers secure, and improving security. We do not annoy you with emails or promotions.

Account Removal, Service Cancellation
If you choose to cancel or delete your account for any reason, everything you ever typed on your account will be deleted after 15 days. Forever.
People can not find you via search, your personal agenda is not open to search engines.

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