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Agenda Mahala, Shared Calendars and City Event’s Social Network

Agenda Mahala is an African Social Network available globally that allows its users to share events among each other.

Agenda Mahala features a private calendar, a shared work calendar, and shared public calendars that users can subscribe to. These Shared Public Calendars allow people to share events. The most important one is the user’s City Shared Calendar where a user can view and share events happening in his city; events like: An artist’s concert or live show, a book launch, a new play, a sports’s event and more. Every user is automatically subscribed to his city’s Shared Calendar or Shared Agenda.

Agenda Mahala includes other Shared Calendars like a Technology calendar, Promo and Sales, TV, Music, Sports and more that the user can subscribe to.

Agenda Mahala is a place where its users can keep calendar appointments, notes, files, links and also discover events happening in their city and in their areas of interest.

It is place not only to keep stuff but to also remain informed.

I started Agenda Mahala, as a way to promote cultural events in my city Maputo, Mozambique. I would go around the city take note of the events, then print the Agenda for the weekend on my weekly Agenda Mahala magazine (one page magazine), and distribute it. Now on its online form, anyone can disseminate information about events to other people who may be interested in them, and anyone can discover events as well. Our tagline is: Share an Amazing Event today, Discover a Great Event Tomorrow.


Agenda Mahala Manifesto

The lack of information about cultural events is a reality that affects most people around the world. The vast majority of people only have information on less than 30% of all cultural and artistic events happening in the city where they live. Whether for reasons of reduced budget for advertising or simply failure to advertise or lack of opportunities to do so, event promoters fail to disseminate the information out of a certain circle of people accustomed to show up for these events, so that there is a large part of the population, who has the will to attend these events but who never has the information.

Cultural and artistic events, events and entertainment programs, are the most human thing we have in modern society, if it weren’t for them we would be nothing more than productive carbon units responsible for filling up the safes of corporations or to fight for survival, surviving one day at a time, one problem at a time.

Everyone needs to go out, be entertained and everyone needs to see and be part of artistic and cultural events as these are the embodiment of the sacred promise of utopia, a world of dreams, joy and happiness where man is a greater man, with a higher purpose and able to turn life in a spectacle after another, a wonderful thing after another, a world where we are an audience that exists to be entertained by people of talent, creativity, imagination and genius who must never stop entertaining us , “the show must go on”.

The first step to receive is to give. The implied willingness of people to help each other and benefit themselves in doing so, is the ether from which all collaborations emerge, and yet it is commonly believed that the success or appropriateness of a collaboration was pure luck.

So here at agendamahala we believe that anyone who knows of such an artistic manifestation, of such a cultural event, of such a new debut in theaters, when sharing it benefits himself from the good that is being done to all other people and the willingness to share that it inspires in them.

A mere show, a mere movie, a mere book launch event can change a person's life, but this is only possible if the information is shared.

And each individual share of an event is the people’s collaboration for our utopian picture of a world of more and bigger entertainment and art.

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