Our Team

CEO, Developer and Founder:

Stélio Inácio - writer and entrepreneur, previously owner of Visualize Multimedia, a multimedia and design company. With the knowledge and experience acquired at Visualize Multimedia, he was able to build Agendamahala from scratch. The first idea for Agendamahala came in 2009 and he launched it as a weekly magazine. Stélio Inácio, has a blog stelioinacio.com where he has been publishing some of his literature and literary projects. His book Live Better pictured at the image above, has its own website were you can read it for free.

Our Services

Agendamahala is a website that provides two different services:

Agendamahala has complex algorithms that can work with dates in a way that feels very natural. We don't collect your information to display ads or to sell to advertising companies. Your personal agenda is like the image above, a real agenda, noone will peek there. If you want to work with us you can contact our ceo at stelioinacio@gmail.com

You can also follow our CEO at twitter @stelioinacio