How To's

Basic Usage

Your personal agenda is just like a real agenda.
You go to a date and start typing, what you will do, who you will meet, what you shouldn't forget, what you should wear. You make plans, you plan your vacation. You use it to work, you mark your school or work important dates. You use it as a journal, as a diary, you write about your day.
Whenever you go back to that day of your agenda, it is just like you left it
Dates on the past are not deleted, dates in the future are added, like you just bought a new agenda for 2015-2016.


You can add titles.
To add titles, write a title, select it and from the dropdown menu normal, choose heading.

Adding Daily or Weekly Appointments

Daily or Weekly appointments are the best way to locate your information quickly and keep editing uninterruptedly for a long time.
You can add a project or a conference as a weekly appointment and take notes directly in this appointment instead of taking notes on separate days in which the daily or weekly appointment takes place.

Upload an Image

You can add pictures, just click the image button .
To add Pictures from the internet get the image url and paste on the url field, something like
To add your own images click the image button than go to the upload tab, choose your image and click send it to the server. Than click ok.