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Free Agenda 2019 and Online Folder to Upload your Files, No Matter in what Industry you Work:

Free Online 2019 Agenda

Free Agenda - Agenda Mahala is a 2019-2020 Online Agenda (2019-2020 Weekly, Monthly, Planner), that is just like a real leather and paper Agenda. It is perfect for those who want to transition from using a Leather Agenda to an Online version.

Free 2019 Agenda

Free Daily Planner - Note taking

Online Daily Planner - Throw away your leather planner, Click to get a Modern one. Most of us use our agenda's to take notes, Agenda Mahala is also an amazing online note taking site.

Free Daily Planner

Free Online Folder

Upload your Files Quickly share files between computers, or between devices. Upload files to your notes, or just backup some of your albums, images, and more. You get the Agenda and the online folder in one. The Upload and Download are only limited by your own internet speed.

Agenda and Online Folder

Developers and Designers

Develop and Create With Agenda Mahala you can upload a file and get a direct link, great to upload files, frameworks and more to your server using wget and unzip, and also great if you are a designer and want to send a file to your clients and want a direct link. You can also keep files for your website, like the download area. To start register to an Agenda, you get the Agenda and the online folder in one. To get the link first upload your file, right click and copy the direct link.


Agenda Mahala has been keeping files, agenda appointments, notes and ideas for users from all over the world since 2012