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Agenda Mahala Manifesto Ashburn

The lack of information about cultural events is a reality that affects most people around the world. The vast majority of people only have information on less than 30% of all cultural and artistic events happening in the city where they live.

Cultural and artistic events are the most human thing we have in modern society, if it weren’t for them we would be nothing more than productive carbon units responsible for filling up the safes of corporations.

Here at Agenda Mahala we believe that anyone who knows of such an artistic manifestation, of such a cultural event, of such a new debut in theaters, when sharing it benefits himself from the good that is being done to all other people and the willingness to share that it inspires in them.

A mere show, a mere movie, a mere book launch event can change a person's life, but this is only possible if the Event is shared.

It takes just one line to Share an Upcoming Event with your City on Agenda Mahala, you just have to type something like:

Big Concert at the Place at 20:30

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